Types of Hydrotherapy Treatment

Hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment method that makes use of water to improve wellness and relieve pain. It is most commonly employed for patients who have arthritis, spondylitis, chronic pain, and more. There are various types of hydrotherapy used in naturopathy. Some of the common forms are:

Aquatic Massage:

It is a form of hydrotherapy where a professional masseuse massages various pain points while you float comfortably in warm water. It is especially helpful for those dealing with severe pain.

Hydrotherapy Exercise:

Patients are made to exercise in the water where the effects of gravity are not felt as strongly. It provides a setting where they can exercise without causing too much strain to the body. This form of hydrotherapy benefits those with arthritis or general muscle or joint pain.

Colon Hydrotherapy:

It is a naturopathic treatment where warm water is passed through the gut to clear it of toxins and impurities. It clears the digestive system of any waste and improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Colon Hydrotherapy is recommended for those who wish to detox or those who suffer from regular fatigue and indigestion.

Steam Baths:

Patients are made to sit in rooms are filled with warm, humid air to promote the release of impurities from the body. Similarly, in a sauna, the room is filled with dry and warm steam that causes you to sweat away impurities. It is an effective way to detox your body on a routine basis.


It is a form of alternative massage where towels are separately soaked in warm and cool water and placed one after the other on the body. A cool water towel is used to reduce inflammation or swelling in a particular area. Then a warm water towel is used to promote blood flow and ease stiffness.

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