Jindal Naturecure Institute – A Pioneer in Delivering Natural Treatment with State-of-the-art Facilities

Alternative Medicine is one of the best ways to treat numerous health ailments. This medicinal treatment is different from conventional medicinal treatment and involves using traditional techniques and procedures that have been used for years. Alternative medicine is not only beneficial in treating medical ailments, but also in preventing diseases and improving overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Jindal Naturecure Institute, one of the leading naturopathy centres in India, has been providing drugless treatment for more than 40 years. A pioneer in drugless treatment, this naturopathy hospital offers different kinds of natural treatments. The campus is vast, and the facilities are state of the art. The various natural treatments offered at Jindal naturopathy hospital are:

Diet therapies

A strict diet is recommended for patients who stay at the naturopathy hospital for treatment. The natural diet is wholesome and balanced. The diet is planned based on the patient’s health condition and treatment.


Patients who take up treatment at Jindal hospital are encouraged to regularly practise yoga and meditation. The routine includes breathing exercises, meditation, various asanas. It helps build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and the body. The yoga teacher teaches yoga asanas based on the patient’s treatment and medical ailments.


This alternative medical practice reduces physical and emotional impacts of unhealthy lifestyle or work environment. Acupuncture treatment reduces stress, back pain, neck tension, joint pains, headache and other health ailments.


It is a drug-free treatment that involves techniques like massage, stretching, heat therapy and so on. Physiotherapy is used to:

  • Treat injuries or chronic pains
  • Improve mobility and balance of the body
  • Treat musculoskeletal conditions
  • Restore muscle movement and functions

Herbal Therapies

Jindal Naturecure Institute uses herbal medicine to treat diseases and enhance general health. Herbal medication works by stabilizing hormones and metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

All the treatments in Jindal Naturecure are tailored for each patient. Based on the individualised diagnosis, the doctor suggests the right treatment to identify and treat the root cause of the illness. It is this personalised treatment that makes us the best naturopathy centre in India. Visit our website to make an online booking for a consultation in our nature cure hospital. Find more about our institute through Jindal naturecure reviews available online posted by visitors who have attained the benefits of our natural treatments.